Gender and Disability Project


group of women with disabilities in Rwanda

This project specifically acknowledges the vulnerability of women and girls with disabilities to gender and disability-based violence and the lack of documented good practices on inclusive responses to address it. On this ground, the MIW Gender and Disability project seeks to increase the visibility of women and girls with disabilities within international development, human rights, gender and humanitarian action to ensure that their voices and concerns are heard on how to respond to violence, abuse and exploitation throughout the world.

We are currently working with 9 organizations across Africa, (in Cameroon, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda, and Rwanda) that were identified as Good Practice Holders through a competitive selection process. Read more below!

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Read the latest develoments of this project in the up-to-date project brief below! (French version coming soon)

Phase 2 (in progress)

All African good practcice holders and MIW team in nairobi, March 2018

The second phase of this project aims at

  1. Strengthening national advocacy on violence and discrimination against women and girls with disabilities in the countries identified through the first good practices call;
  2. Globally reinforcing the linkages between women's organization and DPOs to reduce the invisibility of discrimination and violence against women and girls with disabilities;
  3. Using the expertise of all stakeholders involved to influence international treaty bodies into fighting discrimination and violence against women and girls with disabilities. 

A second call for good practices on the elimination, prevention of and response to violence, abuse and exploitation of women and girls with disabilities has been organized, with a specific focus on the African region this time. 9 organizations have been selected across 6 African countries, and the Good Practice Holders have participated to the 2nd Gender and Disability Forum in Nairobi, Kenya, in March 2018, where they collectively worked on their scaling and advocacy plans. They are also being supported to participate in various advocacy opportunities, such as the 2018 Conference on the Status of Women, or the 2018 European Development Days. 

The report presenting all their practices and the related recommendations for advocacy will be published in June 2018 - STAY TUNED! 

Phase 1 (completed)

The first phase of the project was based on an international call for good practices on the elimination, prevention of and response to violence, abuse and exploitation of women and girls with disabilities. The MIW team and the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) documented, analyzed and selected 11 good practices carried out by women with or without disabilities across the world. These country level advocates are since being supported to voice the experiences and concerns of women and girls with disabilities within international programmes and policies, using their practices as evidence for advocacy.

All these good practices have been compiled in a report available in English and Spanish (a summary is available in French):