We are bringing together leader women at the 62nd CSW to discuss how they address gender-based violence at grassroots level. Meet us on March 22nd (4.30pm) to share your insights and discover the remarkable actions led by the presenters.

This 5 minute video (in Myanmar, with English and Burmese subtitles) presents some hopeful steps being taken in Myanmar, to inspire inclusive educational, recreational and vocational opportunities for children and adults with disabilities. 

The MIW team and partners have been documenting good practices on reduction and prevention of violence against women and girls with disabilities in Africa. In March, all the outstanding persons carrying out these practices will meet in Nairobi for a week-long Forum dedicated to experience sharing and collaborative reflection.

Eneless is a Malawian woman living with disabilities. As part of a project led by Disabled Women in Africa - DIWA, she raises awareness about the rights of persons with disabilities in her community by reciting poems, inspired by her personal experience.

In November 2017, the MIW team visited the practice led by UNABU in Rwanda. Their successful women with disabilties' peer-support and empowerment activities enabled them to become part of the MIW Good Practice Holders group!