The MIW team is organizing a working session in collaboration with UN Women in celebration of the international day of persons with disabilities.

The CRPD was adopted 10 years ago. Its 6th article mentions specifically the rights of women and girls with disabilities, and was celebrated during a conference organized by Women with Disabilities Art and Culture Network.

Submit your good practice on on the elimination, prevention of and response to violence, abuse and exploitation of women and girls with disabilities in Africa!

The vote for UN CRPD Committee resulted in the election of only one woman member amongst 17 men members.  This lamentable result highlights the need for concerted efforts to ensure gender balance across all bodies.

From September 8th to 11th, the Making it Work (MIW) team will be participating in the AWID Forum 2016, an international gathering of broad movements and sectors revolving around gender and feminism themes. The topic this year is “Feminism Futures: Building Collective Power for Rights and Justice”, and the topics of gender and disability will be discussed – more specifically, gender-based violence.