[Updated 31st May]

Making It Work new report is now available online!

Entitled "Gender and disability intersectionality in practice: Women and girls with disabilities addressing discrimination and violence in Africa" it is documenting 9 good Practices across Africa. 


Florence Edong-Ewoo from LIDDWA (Uganda), Gaudence Mushimiyimana from UNABU (Rwanda) and Robinah Alumbuya from World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (Uganda) were on the panel of the event titled ‘Advocacy on the margins: Women with disabilities addressing violence at the grassroots level’.

The event was a success with a full room. It was co-organized by MIW@HI, International Disability Alliance, Disability Rights Fund and International Women's Health Coalition.

This 5 minute video (in Myanmar, with English and Burmese subtitles) presents some hopeful steps being taken in Myanmar, to inspire inclusive educational, recreational and vocational opportunities for children and adults with disabilities. 

The MIW team and partners have been documenting good practices on reduction and prevention of violence against women and girls with disabilities in Africa. In March, all the outstanding persons carrying out these practices will meet in Nairobi for a week-long Forum dedicated to experience sharing and collaborative reflection.

Eneless is a Malawian woman living with disabilities. As part of a project led by Disabled Women in Africa - DIWA, she raises awareness about the rights of persons with disabilities in her community by reciting poems, inspired by her personal experience.