Our work

In this section, you can access the various projects using the MIW methodology. Some projects use it as a component for projects coordinated independently from the MIW team. Other projects use it as a basis, for instance the currently ongoing Gender and Disability project, coordinated by the MIW team, and supported by the guidance of an Advisory Committee composed of experts. 

The various guidelines and information necessary to implement a MIW project, or to use MIW as a component of a project can be consulted in the "Tools" section. These can be freely accessed by all, and we would be interested to know about the ways you are currently using them and/or planning to use them: do not hesitate to contact us for more information and/or support.

Finally, in this section you can access our Good Practices database, which gathers all the practices that have been identified through the MIW process over the years. They are accessible either through an interactive map, or through a search engine