Presentation of the Making It Work methodology

This section will walk you through the different steps to take to start a Making it Work process. The tools presented here  have been improved and refined over time, using feedback from partners around the world. All of the tools are self-explanatory and can be used independently.

To get an overview of the methodology, you can start by reading the Methodology brief. It will help you understand the general functioning of the Making It Work methodology through its key components.


Full Methodology Guidelines

This exhaustive document introduces the Making it Work methodology and details show it can be used to by various organizations to develop their projects, After reading the Guidelines, you should have an understanding of:

  • How documenting evidence of good practice can achieve real impact on disability rights issues;
  • The added value of many different organizations using a common methodology;
  • How Making it Work can be tailored to meet the specific goals and strategies of your organization or project.

This Guideline primarily targets civil society organizations that promote the full inclusion and participation of people with disabilities in society. In particular, this refers to Disabled People’s Organizations and disability-focused NGOs working in developing countries.

However, the concept of documenting good practice and capitalizing on what is already working well can be effectively applied to almost any context.

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