Gaudence Mushimiyimana is now one of the four Rwandan Women of Courage recognized and honoured by the US Ambassador of Rwanda, Peter H.Vrooman.

8 March 2021, we are coming back to women-led good practices addressing violence and discrimination against women with disabilities in Burundi, Kenya, Mali, Rwanda and Uganda.

Discover our leaflet available in English and French ; and our 2020 Report finally available in French!

This policy review aims at measuring the level of inclusion of women with disabilities in the national policies addressing Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in 27 African countries.

Our new report is published! After 2 years of intense work and cooperation with 8 wonderful women-led organisations, the MIW team is publishing its new Report, titled "Gender and disability: Inspiring practices from women and girls with disabilities addressing discrimination and violence in Africa". 

On October 1st 2020, UN General Assembly is gathering to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Beijing Women’s Conference. One year back, the report “Rekindling the Beijing Fire of Revolution” was published, after months of discussion between African women organizations to review the progress in the implementation of the Beijing Declaration, under the lead of FEMNET.

15 feminist organizations and organizations of women with disabilities from African countries united to contribute to this African Women’s Rights Organizations Parallel Report Beijing+25. The report gave an unprecedented space to women with disabilities, with an intersectional lens.