On October 1st 2020, UN General Assembly is gathering to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Beijing Women’s Conference. One year back, the report “Rekindling the Beijing Fire of Revolution” was published, after months of discussion between African women organizations to review the progress in the implementation of the Beijing Declaration, under the lead of FEMNET.

15 feminist organizations and organizations of women with disabilities from African countries united to contribute to this African Women’s Rights Organizations Parallel Report Beijing+25. The report gave an unprecedented space to women with disabilities, with an intersectional lens.

Making It Work has been actively working with its country partners from Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon and Burundi to ensure women with disabilities are supported in this COVID-19 crisis times.

MIW and 7 partners have signed Partnership Agreements, allowing women with disabilities to be further supported and included. Interventions address basic needs, GBV prevention and response, access to SRH, as well as prevention of COVID itself. They are preparing for supporting women with disabilities' economic recovery.

The Making It Work team (Sophie, Ines, Rebecca), MIW Country Partners COVAW, DIWA, FIDA-Kenya, UNABU, KEFEADO and TAC members attend this year's CSW64, the Commission on the Status of Women.

MIW is lead organizer of 2 events: "Diversity and Inclusion: Intersectionality is key to uphold rights for all!" on 12th of March and “Advancing rights of African women and girls: AU Disability Protocol”.

Speakers include Easter Okech, Executive Director, Kenya Female Advisory Organization (KEFEADO), Daniel Olwango, Executive Director, Nyanza Rift Valley and Western Kenya Network (NYARWEK) and Gaudence Mushimiyimana, Executive Director UNABU to discuss Intersectionality.

To highlight the new AU Disability Procotol, speakers include: Wairimu Munyinyi-Wahome, Executive Director of Coalition on Violence Against Women (COVAW), Anne Ireri, Executive Director of FIDA-Kenya and Judith Ekaete Umoh, Secretary, African Disability Forum (ADF)

The new AU Protocol: Intersectional, Progressive, a ground-breaking tool to advance the rights of women and girls with disabilities!

Making It Work, its team, Technical Advisor Yetneberesh NIgussie and Country Partner Grace Jerry (IFA Nigeria ) have been sharing views and recommandations of Women with disabilities at the 2019 SVRI Forum.

A Satellite Event titled " Leaving no woman behind: prevention and response to violence against women with disabilities – experience, analysis and recommendations from women with disabilities in Africa" was held on 25th of October.

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