Our Gender and Disability projet is moving forward!

We present here the latest developments of the Making It Work "Gender and Disability" project. We are now focusing on supporting the Good Practice Holders from the previous phase in increasing their impact, and the Technical Advisory Committee is reviewing all applications received from Africa regarding the Regional Call for Good Practices. 


What we have done recently: Amplifying the Impact by Scaling Good Practices in Latin America

A regional workshop has been organized in Latin America (April 2017) dedicated to identifying scaling strategies (aiming at amplifying the impact of good practices) and advocacy opportunities, using the concept of Theory of Change and the ExpandNet scaling manual. The participants are now finalizing their action plans to increase the impact of their work nationally. Watch our video presenting the workshop on Youtube!

Map presenting the countries from which applications were received

Countries from which we received applications: Senegal, Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Uganda, DRC, Rwanda, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Mauritius and South Africa

What we are doing now: Good practices in Africa

A “Call for Good Practices in Africa” has been launched in 2016. This call is an outstanding opportunity to once again identify activities throughout Africa that have generated some success in raising awareness about violence against women and girls with disabilities, but also preventing it by challenging local and State policies and practices that allow such violence to continue. The selected good practices will be used as a starting point to develop new advocacy strategies, which will focus on improving the rights and inclusion of women and girls with disabilities.

As of August 2017, 28 applications have been received.

A regional forum will take place in Africa in March 2018, gathering local and country level advocates identified through the African Call for Good Practices. It will be the opportunity to identify scaling strategies, and to exchange on the most relevant tools and processes in order to increase the impact of each practice.