2nd Gender and Disability Forum, 5-9 March 2018: we'll meet in Nairobi!

The MIW team and partners have been documenting good practices on reduction and prevention of violence against women and girls with disabilities in Africa. In March, all the outstanding persons carrying out these practices will meet in Nairobi for a week-long Forum dedicated to experience sharing and collaborative reflection.

VIHEMA beneficiaries and team member Martha in Malawi

Picture: VIHEMA partners and staff members, Malawi


The 9 organisations represented through their Good Practice Holders or active members are the following:


During 5 days, their representatives will present their actions and the aspects that make them unique and successful, in order to inspire each other's work. 

Feeding from others' experiences, this Forum will be the opportunity for participants to determine the best ways to increase the impact of their practice: whether by scaling it, using it as evidence for advocacy, etc.


REGIONAL ROUNDTABLE - "Better addressing the intersectionality of gender and disability in Africa - Regional opportunities"

This roundtable, organised on Thursday, March 8th, will be co-chaired by Fatma Wangare and Yetnebersh Nigussie, members of the MIW Technical Advisory Committee. It will gather major DPOs, NGOs and UN partners. Interested partners and networks can contact us at specourt@handicap-international.org 


More about this Forum soon!