Project on the inclusion of people with disabilities (China, Tibet)

Collection of good practices for the inclusion of people with disabilities

Implementing organisations

Implemented in partnership with the Tibetan Deaf Association (DPO), Tibetan Blind Association (DPO), Tibetan Association of Persons with Physical Disabilities (DPO), Braille without Borders, Kiki’s Kindergarten, Lhasa Special Education School TDPF-CBR guidance department, the LDPF Rehabilitation workers and the Tibet Disabled Persons’ Federation.


China (Tibet region)

Overview of the project

The DPOs in Tibet have decided to use the Making It Work methodology to collect : - good practice of persons with disabilities social integration and participation; - good practice in terms of working methods to ensure partner ownership and long term sustainability; - good practice in term of process, such as participative working methods to ensure the long-term ‘real’ inclusion of persons with disabilities. 

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Project updates

The target of the report is the members of the Disability Working Committee which is composed of representatives of different Bureaus (Education, Health, Transport, Social Security…). The Disability Working Committee is the key Government body in decision making on disability issues.