Project on economic inclusion (International)

Good Practices for the Economic Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Developing Countries – Funding mechanisms for self-employment

Implementing organisations

Implemented by Handicap International Switzerland.


Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, Senegal, Uganda, the United Kingdom and the United States of America

Overview of the project

This project aimed to highlight good practices, strategies, tools and operational methods that guarantee the efficiency and sustainability of projects that support access to funding mechanisms and the self-employment of landmine victims and people with disabilities in general.

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Project updates

Besides the dissemination of the publication at various levels, the results of the report were also launched in several international conferences. Different trainings and workshops also used it as a basis for its content. The Smart Campaign added non-discrimination to its core microfinance client protection principles, with specific reference to people with disabilities.