MIW Guideline

This Guideline (version 1.2) introduces the Making it Work methodology and explains how it can be used to develop projects. It is a document that has been revised and updated using feedback from partners around the world.

  •      What is this Guideline for?

This Guideline introduces the Making it Work methodology and explains how it can be used by different organizations to develop projects.

After reading the Guidelines, you should have an understanding of:
o How documenting evidence of good practice can achieve real impact on disability rights issues
o The added value of many different organizations using a common methodology
o How Making it Work can be tailored to meet the specific goals and strategies of your organization or project

  •      Who is this Guideline for?

This Guideline primarily targets civil society organizations that promote the full inclusion and participation of people with disabilities in society. In particular, this refers to Disabled People’s Organizations and disability-focused NGOs working in developing countries.

However, the concept of documenting good practice and capitalizing on what is already working well can be effectively applied to almost any context.

  •      How to use this Guideline?

⇒ Pages 4 to 21 provide a conceptual overview of Making it Work.
⇒ Pages 22 to 33 are concerned more with practical considerations, looking at the key decisions and issues to be addressed when planning a project.

  •       Who can I contact to discuss Making it Work?

⇒ For any questions regarding Making it Work please email:

⇒ For further information about the Making it Work International Co-ordination team, please refer to the Annex.

Please note : new updated Guidelines coming soon.

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To accompany this Guidelines, a series of Making it Work toolkits are available here.