Making it Work Initiative for Women and Girls with Disabilities

Smily Pakistan mother in a wheelchair giving a hug to her daughter

At least 1 billion women and men, girls and boys in the world have disabilities. Women and girls with disabilities endure violence, abuse and exploitation twice as often as non-disabled women, over a longer period of time, and experience more serious injuries as a result of violence.

Handicap International started the Making It Work Initiative (hereinafter the MIW Initiative) in 2014, bringing together local and global experts on disability and gender. This initiative was started by Handicap International in 2008 to propose a MIW methodology aimed at capturing good practices to make the rights of persons with disabilities work in practice. A Gender and Disability Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was set up in January 2014. During its first meeting it decided to focus its work on ending violence against women and girls with disabilities, jointly with Handicap International. 

This initiative acknowledges the vulnerability of women and girls with disabilities to gender and disability-based violence and the lack of documented good practices on inclusive responses. Through the documentation of good practices, this MIW initiative seeks to increase the visibility of women and girls with disabilities and ensure their voices are heard within international development and humanitarian policies and programmes, said Luisa Fenu the Making It Work Project Manager.


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