Making it Work is managed by an International Coordination team, based at Handicap International in Lyon. The main responsibilities of the team are as follows:

•Oversee the strategic direction and management of the global initiative 
•Develop and disseminate technical tools and resources to support the design and implementation of the Making it Work methodology
•Provide technical support and guidance to organizations using the MIW methodology
•Build partnerships with international agencies, consortia, federations and networks working on disability issues
•Deliver training and mobilize technical support for actors using the MIW methodology in their work
•Undertake monitoring and evaluation of Making it Work initiatives
•Promote Making it Work initiatives, reports and key recommendations in the international arena
•Manage the Making it Work website and Good Practice database

Contact details:
Making it Work International Co-ordination
Handicap International
14 Avenue Berthelot
69 361 Lyon Cedex 07 – France
Email : info@makingitwork-crpd.org
Telephone: +33 (0) 4 26 68 76 48